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Water At Your Service
The Old Town Water District has dedicated itself to providing high quality water services to homes, businesses, and industry in Old Town, Milford, Bradley, parts of Orono, and to the Penobscot Indian Nation on Indian Island. We do that by maintaining a transmission and distribution system of sufficient capacity and pressure to provide adequate supply and fire protection throughout our service area.





Spring Hydrant Flushing To Begin May 14th
Old Town Water District Spring Hydrant Flushing will begin in Old Town on or about May 14th and will continue to Penobscot Nation, Milford, and Bradley during the month of June.  Flushing will begin Monday May 14th, and will be done Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. The flushing operation may cause some temporary disturbances in the water system such as discoloration, low pressure, or the appearance of air in the water. If any problem persists, please notify the Water District at 827-2145. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



Annual Water Quality Report
The Old Town Water District provides you with an Annual Water Quality Report, also referred to as the Annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). It provides you with important information about the quality of your drinking water.

A water emergency is water flowing from the ground or a pipe causing flooding, or structure damage.


Paying Your Utility Bill
The Old Town Water District  provides several options for assisting you in paying your utility bill. More information may be obtained here by checking this link.

WaterWorks News
The Old Town Water District is in the midst of a  water meter upgrade program, which will replace all water meters and remote readers in our service area. Read more.....